Sophie le Roux is a texturally fascinated Marsh dweller. 

Her photography is almost entirely preoccupied by texture, colour, and chance. She frequently uses expired film to produce unpredictable, aleatory pictures, and is fascinated by the accidents that occur at the beginning and end of the roll: a counterintuitive blaze of colour, an elegant chaos of shapes. The camera is encouraged to create something new out of what she’s pointed it at, so that the final result seems to merge the external world with an interior imagination: a photograph captured in the act of capturing itself. The unusual is discovered inside the usual.

In her street series, le Roux travels across Europe to find neglected corners of cities and landscapes, and uplift the accidental art of decay and graffiti. In a painterly style, she re-appropriates detritus and anonymous passers-by alike into highly composed and colour-saturated still-lives. Significance, beauty, individuality is found where it is least supposed to be – in the margins of the endless urban narrative. These ‘found’ moments are typically off-beat, unexceptional, but imbued by her gaze with a new, richer emotion, that’s somehow both intimately melancholic and at a remove. 

Throughout her work, there is a consistency of approach that is not content simply to reveal secret realities, but to enhance them. She wants more from the world, and so lets you see it twice: in what unexpected moment has been captured, and again, in how the moment has been captured by the fickle medium of denatured film.

Text by Jonathan Lyon

Portrait by Maïté Moloney 

2021 + Upcoming 

09.21 Printed in Glasgow-based Concrete Nature's publication Out of Office

07.21 EELLS Clothing Collection / Assemble for Memory/ launches (photographer)

29.06.21 Sunset Music Video release for Laura Groves - (animator)

12.06.21 - 08.21 Exhibition at Restaurant GILVIC, Shoreditch

21.04.21 Stille Music Video release for Albertine Sarges


26.11.20 'I Am Afraid' Video Edit for Jenny Moore's Mystic Business premiered on Lost Map Records and Get in Her Ears 

04.11.20 Rapid Response & Restitution: LagosPhoto 20 Home Museum, Digital Exhibition 

05.10.20 Infinite Wisdom Video release for Laura Groves 

10.08.20 - 16.08.20 - Sweet Microverse on Art Connect's Favourite Projects 

08.20 Joined Piezā, international print selling platform, Amsterdam. 

7.08.20 - 14.08.20 - Art at The Anchor // Group Exhibition, Suffolk

22.04.20 Visuals for Merlin Nova's Live Set at Cafe OTO (Supporting MSHR) - POSTPONED

22.03.20 Electric Acoustic: Mortal Oil #3, St Giles Church, London (curator) - POSTPONED

03.20 Emulsions (duo show with Milla Lewis), Safehouse 1, London

01.20 Electric Acoustic: Mortal Oil #2, Strange Parade, Nunhead, London (curator)


Electric Acoustic: Mortal Oil Strange Parade, London (curator)

Exposure AIR Gallery, Altrincham

100 The Steamship Project Space, London

Cutting Corners: Exhibition & Live Art (curator) Arch 504, London

Guttural Living, Ebor Studio, Littleborough (supporting documentation for residency by Kerri Jefferis and Sophie Chapman)

Touch Me - Being a Citizen in The Digital Age Strasbourg Bienalle (Film installation)


Kickass (Wo)men Alte Münze, Berlin

FU Review LOOPS Ex-Girlfriend Gallery, Berlin

A Commentary on Productivity, BMHW, Berlin

On a Wing and a Prayer, No.1 Harbourside Gallery, Bristol

The Whole Is Other (Than The Sum of Its Parts) , ONCA Gallery, Brighton

Showboat, The Steamship Project Space, London

The Museum of Lies, FKK Galerie, Berlin

The Palace Meets Berlin Exhibition + Fasching Feast, Am Flutgraben, Berlin

Still There, ONCA Gallery, Brighton

2015 - 2017

Puderpink, Puderraum Galerie, Berlin (co-curator)

The Blind Curator, FKK Galerie, Berlin

The Peace Process, The Peace Process, Berlin

Roulade Magazine Launch, Husk London

Publications + Features 

Transgressive Records 

GROUND Magazine

Hunger Magazine

White Lies 

Roulade Magazine

The Daily Telegraph

Noisey Netherlands


The Commission Magazine 


The 405 

About Time 

The British Journal of Photography 


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Get in Her Ears

Lost Map Records 


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The State of The Arts 

Slowdance Records 

Künstler, Künstlerin 

The Line of Best Fit

Clash Magazine

Concrete Nature

Instagram: @sopfhe


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Based between London and Suffolk, UK