Lisbon, The Algarve, Mertola, summer 2016. 

Series featured on Commission Magazine & Ground Magazine.

Stories about the sea or the liquid quality of water and life in general. Stories of peculiar colours. Purple Poems.

Poems that hang onto a nest, a lover, a parent, a meaning.

I know one poem from school under an indigo sky but I forgot it by heart. I remember only that it was set in the world and its theme

A pink warning post that tells of flowing time – tide, I mean. A peanut, even.

I thought I'd come to you with these themes. Do you remember me
from the world ? I was set there and we spoke inside a pink caravan that I got off gumtree. I wanted to make love but you had some shitty work or said “I can't make love to a colour” or something.

And so I googled some antonyms for “standing still”. Did you know that the purple fabric of time is coming undone in this very moment ?

If you say okay, I'll educate our eyes by staring at the sea. You will sigh: Life is liquid (or something equally meaningful) and I'll kiss you (you won't even know!).

There will be turquoise trees. We will look at them as if we were licking them. It will feel significant only because one of us will be sighing or yelling or yellow and the other will acknowledge the blues and green of that gesture.

In order to reproduce the colour of the world in stories and film, we will have to paint the sand black and the sky white and become but the spectrum of light ourselves.

piggyback up the pink trails of a protean summer.

Words by Amanda Hohenberg