Remote, November 2020

I Am Afraid

Lyric video edit for Jenny Moore's Mystic Business, a punk-choral xylo-trance band. 

Released via Lost Map Records

Featured on Get In Her Ears 

“For anyone with a femme body, wandering home alone at night is not a straightforward situation… It’s super common to be harassed, followed, or just really annoyed by someone demanding my attention, affection or performance for them. It can be terrifying. At the same time, it can be exhilarating to finally be on my own, on my own terms, in my own time, on my own two feet.

‘I Am Afraid’ is a full-of-joy-and-rage anthem for emotion, for not being ashamed of the spectrum, of wanting to be powerful and allow the bigness of life but also be p*ssed off at those people who’ve shut me up, literally or metaphorically. Sometimes I’m craving for revenge.”
  - Jenny Moore 


Remote, July 2020. 

Distance video created for musician Laura Groves, for single release Infinite Wisdom. 

'The songs are snapshots of late night journeys across the river, the sparks of love that transform us and keep us going, the dead ends that the mind can lead us down, the erotic, the visible and invisible places we pass through as they merge and are erased and overwritten.' - Laura Groves

Laura's album 'A Private Road' is released on 4.12.20 via Bella Union records. 


Line of Best Fit 

Clash Magazine 

DV Footage - Laura Groves

Edit - Sophie le Roux

Art Assistant - Joviale Tschabola 

Typography - Angelique de Rafaella 

London March 2020

Emulsions: Extension of Self 

Created for duo show 'Emulsions' with analogue photographer Milla Lewis. 

Soundtrack 'Extension of Self' improvised by Joseph and Thomas Summers in Clapton, 2019.

'Emulsions' took place on 14.03.20 at Safehouse 1, Peckham.  Photographic prints over two floors, film installation, and evening performance by violinist Agathe Max. 

Edit: Sophie le Roux

London January 2020

'oooooeeeeeyeah' (snippet).

Video created for musician Merlin Nova. Released on Slowdance Records 2020. 

A squidgy, squirming, pulsing, spiralling buffet of dance!

Track: Merlin Nova // Mastered by John Hannon

Camera/Edit: Sophie le Roux

Release: Slowdance Records 2020. 

Poisonous Antidote 

London 2017

Exhibited at Strasbourg Bienalle 2019 (Touch me - Being a Citizen in the Digital Age)

From 1st-31st September 2016, artist Mark Farid broadcast his entire digital footprint, online, in realtime. This included all of his personal and professional emails, text messages, phone calls, Skype conversations, social media activity, web browsing, locations, Twitter and Instagram posts, as well as any photos or videos he captured.

In addition, any 'sponsored,' 'suggested' and online adverts tailored to Mark were shown. Regardless of the date, time, duration, location or the content Farid amassed, there was no restriction on the content publicised.

Meanwhile, at Gazelli Art House, London, a 3D printer transformed Mark's data at 24-hour intervals, creating an expanding digital landscape: an abstract sculpture formed of 31 unique parts, each modelling a day of Mark's digital life.

Sophia K

Berlin 2016

Portrait of aerial acrobat.

Featuring: Sophia K

Camera/Edit: Sophie le Roux

Music: ISAN

Thanks: Thea Hope

Berlin, Summer 2017

Recording of Lo Selbo's solo gig, Internet Explorer.  Featuring guest appearances from Albertine Sarges and Bannerman.