Sophie le Roux & Amanda Hohenberg, 2019. 

A series of 10 poetically interchangeable magnets. Poetry by Amanda Hohenberg. 


Available to purchase on Art Object Shop. 

1. i am closer than your own skin 

the primeval sea 

kissing, pissing, sweating, lactating, crying 

pausing as this bodily thing 

flowing back 

as schools of fish or a human weaving 

uncontainable like love itself

into you 

we are in this together 

please sustain me 

with a bunch of planetary questions

2. you and me 

constituted in response-ability 

are always already open 

by the fountain 

in temporal patterns 

other than the forward march 

laid out on the ground, prints, paths, kisses 

mingling in the air

jellyfish, coral reefs, rocks, plants, asteroids, snowflakes and bees how tender can we be 

perhaps closer


3. don’t be sad 

it is not tomorrow yet 

the most mystical of love 

has changed you 

but you no longer remember 

 skins as soft 

as my heart

from the sea 

evolving on two feet

a leak emerges 

let it stand 

in the end

4. if you were shown 

a swimming pool 

the pope

i mean pool

lick the wrinkled fingers 

like smooth mustard gliding 

giving a good grip 

in a wet condition 

water and water and

water and whatar you thinking of doing 

have you ever seen your legs

i mean frog